10 Retro Robot Birthday Party Ideas

This party was for a sweet little boy turning 4, and the starting inspiration was the whimsical Robot watercolor invitation! The mom of the litttle boy picked out the invitations and from there let me go crazy designing a party that wowed the boy and all his party guests! This turned out so cute I would have been proud to have this as the party of my own baby boy Row when he is older. Even though this family hired me to help with the party planning and design process, there are many tips and secrets I can share as an event designer to help you get the same wow factor for your party. Read on to hear what they are! 

1. DIY Robot Marshmallow Pops
I recommend having one wow factor dessert that some time and effort went into that matches the party theme. And you can make cake pops look like anything! Who has time to make cake pops, really? I made some a few times before I had kids and to get them to look like anything other than just the classic round ball is super duper time consuming and requires more than a little artistic talent. So I made Robot Marshmallow Pops. So much easier, faster, and the kids loved them just as much. Get the full DIY here! 

2. Focal Point Party table!
Make one table super cute! Think through using party platters that go with your theme, cute snacks, some decor items, and of course the main dessert! Most of the platters here were very affordable - I just went to Party City and bougth some plastic ones for about $4 each. Hang a party banner like this one or some garland behind it and make sure the tablecloth is cute. I also recommend raising up some of the back row of items so they can be seen better and add height to the table. You can get creative with what you use to stack, I often use items like cake stands, candle holders, bowls turned upside down, boxes wrapped in party matching wrapping paper, and those tall stands meant to hold fruit in the kitchen.

3. Buy a Matching Stationary & Invite Set
This is an easy way to make the decor of your party cohesive! There are tons of great designs on Etsy ranging from $20-$50 in whatever your party theme is. You just pay for the downloadable file and print it out yourself. You can also often find one that you can have the designer customize the decor with your child's age and/or name. I bought this set here, and I really love all her birthday party designs! Find more cute robot stationary sets here and here

4. Use vintage robot books and vintage robots for decor! 
The book I found really was from the 60's that I found at an antique store in Atlanta. You could do a quick search on ebay or google to find some. The robot isn't really old, it's a new toy I bought from an online store called Robot Island. So many cute ones to choose from! The boxes that the 2 robots I ordered came in were so cute that I ended up displaying them on the party tables as well. After the party the little boy got to keep the robots and books to play with. 

5. Make a Special Party Hat for the Birthday Child!
You can make your own from scratch, but I like to start with one already made so I have a base and then I add to it. I love the $2 ones in the cheap dollar aisle at Michael's arts and crafts, they are plain solid colors and foam and adjustable to the child's head size. I then used hot glue to had red ribbon and then blue pom ribbon around the bottom, a yellow felt diamond, and then his birthday number I cut out from leftover stationary. I also used leftover stationary for the top of the birthday crown. I think these were intended to be used as something like cupcake toppers but I found a lot of cute ways to use them throughout the party and this was one of them. 

6. Dress Up Easy Snacks
Dont kill yourself trying to make a million homemade desserts for the party. You want to be rested enough to actually enjoy it. Be on the lookout for cute premade snacks you could serve. I happen to see these whoopie pies for sale at whole foods and knew they would be perfect for the party. They look homemade and matched the party decor once I put them on a matching platter ($4 from party city) and inserted some flags from the stationary set I bought on Etsy (about $45 for the whole set) and printed out myself. 

7. Buy Retro Candy in Party Colors
If you go to the website Candy Warehouse your can search candy by colors and see what they have that would match your party. For a retro space party, I thought old school bottle candy and gumballs would look cool and the kids would love it. 

8. Astronaut Food Favors
What a fun favor! I bought these here and they were a hit. They looked so cute too, especially with the thank you tag attached.

9. Make a coordinating Party Shirt
Following the desing of one of the robots from the stationary, I used felt and fabric to cut out the needed to shapes to replicat the robot and attached it to the shirt using fabric glue. It only took about 30 min. Super fun and custom touch for the party! However I'm not sure how many washes it would hold up through for repeat wearing. Mabye one. 

10. Giant Party Balloons
These are so much fun and offer a unique twist on the traditional birthday balloons. Dress them up by tying cute ribbons to them in various patterns that match party and cut to different lengths. These giant balloons are available from your local party store- most carry them, and if they don't you can order them online and just drop them off at your party store that does balloon services and they will usually blow them up and attach ribbons and weights and deliver them the morning of the party. 

 Bonus Idea!

11. Dessert Ideas
You can take a piece of your stationary to a bakery to have them make a cake that matches like the one on the upper left, or you can go same some $$$ and do cupcakes. For a super cute custom dessert in a pinch that are quick and cheap, just order some cupcakes from your grocery store in the color frosting you need, and when you get home insert them in the cupcake wrappers (from Michael's or your local party store or cake decorating store) that match your party colors, and insert cupcake toppers that came in the stationary party kit.  Just another great reason to buy one of those coordinating party stationary sets!

Amazing cake by Not a Crumb! Bakery

Check out a few other images from this adorable party: 


And that wraps up this Retro Robot Party! I think it turned out so cute I hope my baby boy will let me throw him a robot party someday! 

Images by Charlton Inije Photography

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