20 Gifts Men Really Want for Christmas

It's that special time of year when I use my skills as an excellent gift giver combined with growing up in a family of all males to share with you all what the men in your life really want for Christmas! Trust me, they will really love all this stuff. You won't find anything on here we were paid to promote or that is just some strange overpriced item (deluxe shaving kit or leather wrapped flashlight anyone?) that looks stylish and hip on a round-up on collage, these are gifts I genuinely believe in and have either gotten for the men in my family before or plan to this Christmas. My husband is getting 3 items from this list this year; any guesses which ones? 

Need more ideas? Check out our very popular "25 Ideas Men Really Want for Christmas" from last year that is loaded with great ideas to get you on his nice list! Or check out our "Gift Guide for Women" for ideas for youself and the ladies in your life :)  

1.  GoPro Camera ($129+)
Perfect for the adventurer who wants to document and share his skiing, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, etc. The "Hero" for $129 is the perfect entry level go pro camera, but if you have the extra $70, I reccomend getting the "Hero3 White" for $199.  After spending $250 on a nice underwater camera for our trip to Australia this summer, we were bummed to see how incredibly better my brother’s photos and videos came out from his GoPro - the difference was like night and day. We are now convinced we need one, especially before our next vacation! 

2.  Quadcopter Drone with Camera ($110)
Because even grown men want some toys now and then! Now I’m not sure what they plan to do with this or what they need to record with the camera, but I will just take their word for it that it’s fun for them.  P.S. This one was originally $200 so you are getting a really nice drone for your money! There is just something nostalgic and fun about unwrapping something that you can "play with" on Christmas day, and he will think so too.

3.  Cigars Sampler Gift Set ($45)
This stocking stuffer sized set of 10 Cigars will give your husband a chance to try out a variety of high quality cigars picked by experts. It normally retails for $110 but is just $45 now for Christmas.

4.  Craft Beer of the Month Club  ($40 per month)
Guys and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Romeo and Juliet. There is just no breaking those two up and no use trying to understand it. Help him dive deeper into his beer obsession by signing him up for this club that delivers 12 world-class craft beers each month! You can sign up for as many months as you want or do every other month.

5.  Costa Del Mar Sunglasses ($169+)
The only sunglasses for the man who considers himself a serious fisherman, hunter, or outdoorsman (or just wants to look like one). Why? Because they make the clearest lens that do something special based on what your outdoor needs are; i.e. to be able to see fish in the water or the snow geese through a snow storm. Their lenses are 100% polarized to kill reflected glare, and have 100% UV light blockage. Be sure to pick the right lens he needs when ordering!

6.  Corn Hole Game  ($75)
I got this for my husband two years ago for his birthday and it’s still one of his favorite things that comes out whenever we have people over.  I searched the web and this is by far the cheapest place to get them; most are well over $200.  Be sure to get one themed in his college alma mater or favorite sports team!

7.  Alma Mater Gear ($10+)
Just go to fanactis.com, type in his favorite college team, and start searching through the trinkets. They love anything with their fave sports team logo on it.  The options are endless; some of my top picks are a folding lawn chair, athletic shorts, belts, dog collars, Christmas ornaments, boxers, and a grill set. If the fanatics site doesn’t have what you are looking for, every college team normally has a special store just for them that true fans know about (i.e. K-State has Varneys, and Ole Miss has Rebel Rags).

8.  Cabela’s “Captain’s Choice” Meat & Cheese Tray ($100)
Hickory smoked turkey, smoked whole chicken, sliced beef, smoked pepper cheese and hot pepper cheese, beef summer sausage, Norwegian summer sausage. Need I say more? If this selection of meats isn’t your man’s jam, Cabela’s offers a variety of other “meat gifts” featuring everything from normal meats to more exotic game in a range of prices.

9.  Rach.io’s Iro Wifi Sprinkler Control System ($249)
Touted as the “tech-y gift of the year” and one that wives are actually on board with, this smart water sprinkler is easy to set up and will save you thousands of gallons of water every year by automatically adjusting for changes in weather and seasonality by using as little water as possible while keeping your landscape looking it’s best.

10.  The iPhone 6 (starting at $299) and Nexus 6 (starting at $650)
These are the only phones that matter this Christmas, and every man wants one. The Nexus 6 is currently backordered (like every must-have phone should be), so just wrap up a printed picture and write on it “on the way!” – trust me, he will still love it. Same goes for the iPhone 6 if you can’t find a store with one in stock.

11.  MyQ Connected Home Smart Garage Door Controller ($129)
There is just no part of your home that you can’t control from your phone it seems! And that now includes your garage door and/or any gates when you install this handy gadget. Receiving notifications when they open and close and being able to open and close them from your phone would bring a certain piece of mind when away from your home for sure!

12.  Phillips “Hue” Smart Light Bulbs ($99)
Another perfect gift for the techy guy, these smart light bulbs can be installed anywhere in your home and then controlled by your phone. You can dim them, change the color, and turn them on and off. A pretty fun gift he will love and you will find useful too!

13.  Retro Video Game Man Crate ($100)
This “makeshift time machine” comes inside a manly wooden crate filled with a retro-bit NES console, 2 classic Nintendo games, and tons of vintage candy like bottle caps, pop rocks, and pez to keep the gaming fun going all night long.  

14.  Monogrammed Leather Accessories from Pottery Barn ($9+)
A lot of great stocking stuffer ideas here! I love this entire amazing line for men from Pottery Barn; my husband could especially use this Saddle Leather hanging toiletry bag ($89), iphone case ($9) and the Saddle Leather Valet ($79) (my husband currently keeps he cufflinks and little trinkets like that in an old cigar box, and i think we are grown up enough now to have a real leather valet for him, right?).

15.  Amazon’s Echo ($99+)
This new tech device all at once amazes me and scares me a little. But my husband is simply enthralled with it (men and their gadgets!). Apparently it turns on when it hears the special wake word, after which you can ask it for information (music, news, weather, etc), tell it do things like set an alarm, add an item to your shopping list, add an item to your to-do list, and more. It’s controlled by your voice, can hear you from anywhere in the room, and is also a high quality speaker if you just want to play some tunes.

16.  Hot Sauce of the Month Club ($59 for 3 months)
Men love to torture their taste buds with hot sauces! These “hot sauce experts” scour the world for the best of award winning sauces to send your man 2 high-quality, hard-to-find bottles every month.  The one-time sampler pack of sauces with funny names ($52) is great too!

17.  Leather Laptop Sleeve from Mint Cases ($79+)
I heard about this amazing item because Yahoo, where my husband works, recently gave all their designers one of these cases.  They are so beautiful in person, all the designers (men and women) loved them, and the quality is legit.  All cases are handmade from Top-Grain Cowhide leather and lined with wool felt in Dallas, Texas. This company makes a variety of designs to protect your laptop and tablets to suit your man’s needs. Normally I wouldn't reccomend something as cliche as a leather laptop case, but after seeing thier quality in person and knowing they are all handmade, I simply had to share them.

18.  Anything from Victoria’s Secret ($10+)
You know what to do here!

19.  Home Beer Brewing Kit ($47)
This top rated starter kit from Amazon makes 4 gallons of homemade beer and is a great yet inexpensive way for him to dip his toe into the world of micro brewing. If he gets super into it, you can invest in the Deluxe Brew Kit from Northern Brewer ($180).

20.  Pilot Flying Lessons ($200)
Help his childhood dreams of flying come true with some lessons! Even if he just does the lessons and doesn’t end up doing it on a regular basis, it is sure to be an experience he will always remember and be proud of. 

Would the men in your life want any of these? Did you end up getting anything from our list? Let us know by dropping us a line on Facebook