21 Ideas that What Women Really Want for Christmas

If you're anything like the men in my in my family, it's a week until Christmas and you are now ready to think about gifts. Don't worry, we are coming to your rescue with a bunch of unique and special gift that women of all ages would LOVE. However, your punishment for not thinking of gifts until the last week is that you may have to pay rush shipping ;)  And if something won't arrive in time, just print out a photo and wrap that instead; we will still like it. All of these are tried and true gifts I have given or recieved, and a few are gifts that my mom and grandma and aunts are getting this year for Christmas, but I can't tell you which ones becuase my mom reads all my posts ;) Need gift ideas for the men in your life? Check out this post "25 Ideas Men Really Want for Christmas", trust me, this list is guy tested and approved.

1.  Spa Gift Card $35+: Every woman wants to be pampered and feels so good and relaxed after doing some self care for her body, its basically a gift for her and for you! If you don’t want to use SpaFinder.com, you can just call your local spa and get a gift certificate to there. Even if you are on a budget, getting her a gift certificate for a pedicure and/or manicure is very special and usally start around $35 each. 

2.  Personalized Family Rules Wooden Wall Art $120: Choose from 3 different finishes with this fun way of sharing wisdom and family management.
3. Personalized Couples Key Dates Wall Art $80: She will love the thoughtfulness, and you will love the handy reminder of all the anniversaries!

4.  Kinfolk Magazine Subscription $60: This includes the paper quartlery magazine that is just a joy to peruse and the butter-creamy paper is a joy to touch, as well as a membership to view all issues online. It’s a must-have for all wannabe (or true) hipsters and those who still think of themselves as artsy, hip, and edgy ;) If you’re so over paper, you can get the online subscription for just $40.
5.  Garden & Gun Subscription $20: This gorgeous magazine is so inspiring of a slower and beautiful lifestyle, and the writing and photography is always superb. I actually think guys and gals alike enjoy reading this magazine.

5.  Anything from Lululemon! Here are just a few of our faves from this work-out gear company based in Canada: Yoga Mat $68 & Sweat Once a Day Bag $128

6. More great stuff to get your Lululemon collection started: Scuba Hoodie (lined stretch) $108 and Gather and Grow Crop Pants $78 Intimidated to pick out something specific? Just get here a Lululemon gift card here.

7.  China Settings: Complete or replace her china settings, or start her a set of Christmas china. Just look on the back of her china to see what kind it is, and even if its not currently sold in retail stores, you can still find it at this website called Replacements or on E-bay. If it’s a more current line of dishes, a quick google search should reveal the cheapest place to get them, usually a department store. Bargains can be found sometimes though on Amazon, E-bay, or in outlet stores such as Tj-Maxx and Marshall’s.

8.  Photo Gifts from Shutterfly: I know this is cheesey, but women really love it! It all takes a few minutes to upload a fave photo and place it on virtually anything: a mug, iphone case, pillow, ornament, blanket, even just a framed photo of a fave family portrait is very appreciated and loved by all women. My mom and grandmas fave photo gift every year is a custom photo family wall calendar full of photos from the past year, complete with all the family birthdays and anniversaries added to the calendar.

9.  Jo Malone: I just adore this company. Owning this makes you feel sophisticated and luxurious, like you have life together for just a moment. My best recommendations: this "Cologne Collection” that comes with 5 travel sizes of their most popular scents for $100, or this English Pear & Freesia Collection which is one of their most popular scents and comes with cologne, lotion, and body wash for $100 as well.

10.  Portable iPhone Charger $20: This little charger fits in any purse or pocket and will repower your iPhone in an hour while on the go and look cute in the process! It comes in several colors and is actually a great stocking stuff idea for the whole family!
11.  Mighty Purse $150: This cute little clutch merges fashion and technology and is a must-have accessory for every woman who travels with a tablet or cell phone (which is everyone, right?).  It has 3 adapters so you can charge other kinds of devices than just apple products and holds up to 2 charges for up to a year. My fave color is the Gold Shimmer!

12.  Vintage Books iDock $68 - $90: These stacked authentic vintage books feature a hidden iPhone or ipad dock, compatible with iPhone 5, the iPad4, iPad mini, and iPad Air

13.  Ugg Slippers $100+: There is just nothing warmer than Ugg Slippers when the whether outside is frightful. I actually like almost everything recommended on the Ugg “Christmas Gift Guide for Her,” but if you’re overwhelmed with choices, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slippers.
14.  Sara Happ Red Velvet The Gift Set $40: This cute Christmas gift set comes with both the famous red velvet lip scrub and the lip slip lip gloss. What can I say, we women just love to exfoliate and moisturize every part of our body, even our lips (and you men should be glad we do!).

15.  State Shaped Pillow $40: Pick her home state, the state of a favorite and special vacation, or where her kids/grandkids live.

16.  State Shaped Necklace $34: You can have wire shaped into a special state, but you can also have her name spelled out. Cool!

17.  State Shaped Cutting Board $48: This is what I got my mom for her last birthday (except hers was California), and I had a heart stamped where she grew up there. It was a hit!

18.  Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bags $80-$300: Great idea for moms who still want to look polished and stylish! We love the big carry-alls, the little clutches, the backpacks, the totes, all of them! Particular for moms who still love “going out”, the little clutches that are tiny and yet have inside a detachable changing pad, diaper pocket, and coordinating wipes case.

19.  Kate Spade Wallet $78+: Every woman needs a little luxury in their life, and these Kate Spade Wallets fit the bill. If you’re intimidated to commit to a bigger purse or tote, a wallet is the perfect way to still get your Kate Spade fix. 

20. "My Father's Daughter" cookbook by Gwenyth Paltrow $25: This cookbook has easy recipes that celebrate family and togetherness, complete with beautiful photos to match. If you already have this one, she just came out with another one called "It's All Good" that has easy, delicious recipes that will make you look good and feel great. 
21. "The Southerner's Handbook: A Guide to Living the Good Life" $17: Brought to you from the editors of Garden and Gun magazine, this is the must have book of the year for all good Southerners. I ordered a copy for my Mississippi mother-in-law and brother-in-law, and loved it so much I'm ordering one for myself to keep. The first thing I learned in this book was page 1: "How to Season a Cast Iron Pan" which I had no idea, and the lessons just continued. It was a joy to read and had beautiful illustrations to accompany the writing.

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