35 Ideas Your Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

1 & 2: Farmer’s Market Herb Wreath & Forsynthia Wreath from Williams Sonoma $59 and up. Women just love decorating everything, even the front door. These wreaths are a gorgeous alternative to sending fresh flowers which will only last a few days. Click through the link to see the many options they have; whatever flower is her fancy, they got it. Go here to get the latest coupons available from Williams Sonoma to make sure you're getting the best deal.

3. Personalized Gold Plated Ciela Bracelet, $159 from Sarah Chloe. Moms love anything that can be personalized, and this gold bangle is a classy way to do it. You could put your kids names, initials, or birth dates on it.

4. & 5.  DIY Cherry Blossom Sugar Scrub from LZM. She also has a DIY for a Coconut Tea Rose scrub that uses Coconut oil. Yum! Why splurge on expensive body products when you can make it yourself? Plus, your mom will like it more if you made it. 

6. & 7.  DIY Gardening Gift Basket & DIY Baking Gift Basket from Elizabeth Anne Designs. These are both great gift ideas that you can assemble from local stores. Don't forget the card and a bow! 

8.  Body and Linen Powder Gift Set with Large Puff and Crystal Dish, $87 from Shelley Kyle. This smaller gift set comes without the crystal dish, is just $39, and is also totally adorable. I stumbled across these at a cute little boutique last weekend while shopping with my mother-in-law. I fell in love with them immediately and got a set for my Grandma for Mother’s Day. I loved several of the scents, but went with the “Tiramani.” After walking out, we decided we are both getting each other a set for Christmas because we loved it so much.

9. Fur Tablet Lap Desk, on sale for $35 & Chevron Tablet Lap Desk, $59 both from PBteen. If I hadn’t already got my mom her Mother’s Day Gift, I would be ordering her this. 

10.  Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, $399 from Williams Sonoma. What, you haven’t caught the juicing craze yet? Well your mom has, and she needs this. It’s anti-aging, disease fighting, cancer preventing, weight loss inducing, and all those other miracle things that happen when you are getting lots of veggies in your diet! Go here to get the latest coupons available from Williams Sonoma to make sure you're getting the best deal.

11.  Mini Mother’s Day Trophy DIY from Oh Happy Day. For all those times you tell your mom she deserves an award, now you can actually give her one you made. 

12.  Floral Mom Cake Topper DIY from Oh Happy Day. Even though your mom is juicing, she still deserves some cake on her big day. This cute little DIY will make whatever your baking skills are look like a masterpiece.

13. & 14.  DIY Mother’s Day Card (with free printable!) & DIY Mother’s Day Frame, both from Tomkat Studio. Perfect for those with little ones who want to get in on the DIY fun.

15.  Your Child’s Artwork & Handwriting Necklace, $180 from Metalmorphis on Etsy. We all know moms think their kids are the next Picasso, so they definitely think it's worth having thier art engraved into a piece of jewelry.  10% off for Camp Makery readers until May 11, just enter the code "PICKMOM" at checkout.

16. & 17.  Mother’s Day Sentiment Tray, $39 & "Home is Where Your Mom Is” Frame, $20 both from Pottery Barn. Classics your mom will treasure forever. 

18.  Cuisine Tablet Recipe Holder, $34 from Pottery Barn. Most moms have made the transition to using recipes from their tablets instead of old fashioned ginormous cookbooks, so this is definately necessary. 

19.  Tickets to see a live show, $50 and up. Check out Stub Hub or Ticket Master to find out what’s coming soon to your area. She will love it whether it’s music, theater, opera, ballet, whatever it is, she will love you for helping her get some culture and beauty in her life and giving her an excuse to wear her fancy shoes.


20.  Day of Yard Work, free! Download this free printable file here to fill out and give to her. Include any extras like a trip to the gardening store, pulling weeds, etc. (image source here)

21.  Car Detailing! Give your mom a voucher for day of car TLC. Fill it with gas, detail the inside, wash the outside (yes, even the tires!), and leave it with a little car air freshener inside. (image source here)

22.  Make A Picture Book, $12 from My Sweet Muffin. Just buy the book and your kids fills in the blank areas left for pictures. Easy breezey.

23.  Dinner! You and/or the kids make her a nice home cooked dinner - this includes lots of her favorite wine and dessert!. It doesn’t even matter if it really turns out delicious or not, all that matters is making the effort. (image source here)

24.  Jewelry, $???? You can’t go wrong with jewelry; we always want more (#sorrynotsorry). Find out what her “happy trinket” brand of choice is. Is it David YurmanTiffany’sPandoraLagosRolex, or some up and coming designer like Sarah Chloe or Me & Ro? Don’t try to guess. Ask her! 


25. & 26.  Gold “mum” Necklace, $550 from Jennifer Meyer. Mom sounds so much cooler with a British accent. If that's a little pricey, this Gold Rocha initial ring for $89 by Sarah Chloe is amazing too. And yes we are suggesting jewelry yet again. Noticing a trend yet of what women like?


27.  Copper Door Coffee Roasters, $13. The perfect mom deserves the perfect cup of coffee. This craft roasting company is run by one of our favorite guest bloggers, Hannah Ulbrich, and based in Denver. She selects beans from only the most exceptional sources, runs the company on wind power, and roasts its beans in small batches, and then only after your order has been placed. Would be cute to include in a luxury coffee gift basket that has a mug, a frother, and maybe some biscotti, don’t you think? 

28. & 29.  Starbucks Personalized Travel Mug, $13 & Gift Card, $5 and up. Great to add to your coffee gift basket! Be sure to add the photos to the mug before you give it to her. Moms always need drinks on the go, and if their kids' photos are plastered to it, that just makes them happy, happy, happy.



30. & 31. Illustrated Ferns Notecards, $12 and Apron & Recipes Cards Gift Set  $60 both by our friend and talented designer Erica Loesing of Yes Ma’am Paper Goods  Give a gift that is meaningful, handmade, and supports a small business- score! I might need one of these Icemilk Aprons myself - they are so chic - it’s an heirloomed full bistro apron made of 100% linen with a pocket and simple red stitching. Perfect for that Kinfolk inspired dinner party I've been planning....


32. & 33. Blooming Gardenia Plant, $60 and Bougainvillea Bonsai, $49 and up, both by Better Homes & Gardens for FTD. This is the same as shipping your mom traditional cut flower arrangements, just potted plants instead. For many years I sent my mom and MIL cut flowers, but now I’ve moved on to sending them potted plants instead so that they actually last longer than a week :) It’s always good to mix things up! 

34. Mani & Padi Lap Desk, $69 from PBteen. Yes, I know this is from PBteen, but women of all ages would love it and use and we are just as hip as the teens who this catalog is meant for ;) 


35. Spa Gift Card, $35+ from Spa Finder. You might as well get used to it, every gift guide we do for women is going to include a spa gift card sugestion. We love it that much (as all women do). This gift is always a home run and great for last second shoppers. If you don't want to use Spa Finder, you can just call your local spa and get a gift certificate to there. 

 Have any other great ideas for Mother's Day? Did you try any of these? Let us know if she liked them by tweeting us!