4 Steps to Get the Look: Shimmery Minimalist

"Shimmery minimalist." Say that 5 times, fast!

I recently was lucky enough to participate in an editorial shoot for Ruffled that featured an insane vendor list - these photographs were taken by a gal named Heidi Geldhauser of Our Labor of Love, and the entire idea was dreamt up (and styled - down to the florals) by Juli Vaughn. She's just slightly talented. You can click through to see the feature - and the rest of the images and stellar vendor credits - here

Brittany, our model, is timelessly beautiful, is she not? I mean, a Claire Pettibone gown always helps. And so does professional hair and makeup. Cough. But anyone can easily accentuate their own natural beauty (and fake some extremely glowy, flawless skin) with just a few products - and I'm here to reveal them! Here's a peek at what I used to create an elegantly muted look for this shoot.

Your cheat sheet includes:

Step 1: Create an Even Foundation
Brittany's skin was wonderful to begin with, but (especially on camera) most of us can benefit from a little evening out of pigmentation. A pump of Un-Wrinkle, blended with a dampened Beauty Blender, covers skin beautifully and feels soothing instead of gloppy. (Always concentrate foundation in the center of your face {usually on either side of your nose} and blend outward, buffing less and less product into your skin as you near your temples and jaw.) A little concealer, blended with a small, fluffy blending brush to prevent creasing, perks up eyes instantly as well.

Step 2: Define the Eyes
We skipped eyeliner and instead created definition by powdering in her perfectly auburn brows. I tend to never use brow powder that's lighter than a subject's hair color (and in fact usually go one shade darker), but using an exact match creates an incredibly natural finish. A small dab of Glitter Glaze on each lid, tapped on with fingertips, gave the slightest hint of shimmer without betraying the minimal aesthetic. Top it off with your favorite mascara to bump up that definition even more.  

Step 3: Color the Cheeks & Lips
For color in those cheeks, I used a dab of ModelCo's Cheek & Lips tint, which smells like berries and is the most wondrous product to create natural rosiness on a face. And to carry on with the barely-there look, I used the tint again on those lovely lips! This stuff is a concentrated gel, so teeny dabs will do - place just below your cheekbones on the apples of your cheeks and blend like mad with your fingertips. (Thinking about doing a post on how to apply blush to create different effects - would y'all be interested??)

Step 4: Add the Glow
Aaaaaand the glow. Prepare yourselves: it's a $10.99 glow. And I'm into high end products. ESPECIALLY for skin. But this lil fella, Femme Couture's Get Radiantis as good as anything I've used (Dior, Lancome, Benefit, NARS, MAC) and it's sold at Sally Beauty Supply. It's a cream formula that creates the most gorgeous pearly pink, light-catching finish on skin; use a pea-sized drop with your beauty blender or fingertips - it'll cover both your cheekbones as you very lightly dab it on. Don't migrate too far down into the apples of your cheeks - it can highlight pores and that's just no fun. But if you stick to the cheekbones, it's all luminescent joy.

Even facing AWAY from the light, it finds Brittany's cheekbones! In summer, sometimes I add a tiny drop to my BB cream and BOOM, radiance. Go get it and thank me later. (And no, FC or Sally didn't sponsor this post - I'm just that wackadoo over this stuff.)

And there you have it! Simple products that can be easily applied to create some seriously radiant natural beauty. They're all definitely staples in my kit, and I hope a few make their way into your rotation, too! 

Do you have any secret weapons to rival my own? I'm always on the hunt for product recs, so please tweet away at us over @CampMakery - I'd love to hear about your faves for a natural face!