5 Ingredient Caramel Apple Dip

My oldest sister, Laci, shared this recipe with me a few years ago around Christmas time. It is a party-favorite, easy-to-make, and a delicious snack to bring to any dinner party, holiday gathering, tailgate, or bon-fire. I made a double batch of this at last year’s Halloween party, and it was gone before midnight! I served it on an inexpensive plastic charger that I purchased at my local crafting store for $2.00; this way, I can buy them in different colors for the different gatherings without hurting my pocket book. This five-ingredient dip will wow your crowds and may be the perfect option to bring to your office Halloween pot-luck celebration this year! 


  • 2-8 ounce bars of cream cheese, at room temperature (I have used the fat free version before when watching calories and didn’t notice a difference in taste. My nutritionist, Tiffany, also suggested I could use Neufchatel cheese, which tastes almost exactly the same as cream cheese but naturally is much lower in fat.)
  • ½ cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 container of caramel apple dip (You can find this in the produce section of your local grocery store.)
  • 1 bag chocolate covered Heath Bar bits (These may be found next to the chocolate chips in your baking aisle. I’ve tried buying chocolate Heath Bars and breaking them up into pieces, but it never turned out as pretty as the ones you buy in the bag. Completely worth the extra $1.50 you will spend.)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 6-8 large apples of your choice (I prefer Granny Smith, as the tart bite of apple against the caramel is amazing!)


In your electric mixer, combine cream cheese, brown sugar and cinnamon; allow to completely mix until light and fluffy. Spoon your cream cheese mixture on your platter; try to spread it as evenly as you can.  Next, you will dump the entire container of caramel dip on top of the cream cheese mix. Try to work it around evenly, letting ½ inch of the cream cheese show around the edges of the platter.  Next, sprinkle the entire bag of Heath Bar bits over the caramel, also allowing a ½ inch lip of caramel to show.  Cover with plastic wrap and allow to chill in the refrigerator for an hour. 

 Serve with sliced apples.

Tip: When I take this to parties, I always bring a knife and cutting board so the apples don’t turn brown, and allow people to cut their own apples. I have also done a lemon juice bath with my apple slices if I know there will be limited space, such as at a tailgate party. The other benefit of the lemon juice bath (directions below) is that you get to cut and plate the apples. 

Lemon Juice Bath: I must credit this to my Grandma Pat as well.  If you read my bio, you know how much of an influence this amazing woman has on my life and my cooking skills; all-the-more reason Gabe loves her too! The easiest way to make sure your apples don’t turn the unappetizing shade of brown is to take a bowl of ice-cold water and add the juice of one to two lemons, depending on how many apple slices you have. You need just enough water in the bowl to cover the apples, but also to allow you to move them around in the bowl.  Slice your apples, but please keep the peel on; not only is it a beautiful shade of red and green, it truly is full of nutrients! Let them take a three to five minute dip in this lemon-water bath. Drain the water and allow the apples to dry, as this will keep them from browning for quite a while.

I have also served this with graham crackers, animal crackers and vanilla wafers; sometimes, it is nice to bring along a bowl of an alternative treat for those who may not enjoy apples. I hope you find this as big of a hit as I have.

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