5 Reasons to Get Your Elf On this Christmas

Ah, Elf on the Shelf: that adorable little felt fellow and slightly creepy creator of additional holiday stress. With almost 30 days of Elf-tastic ideas to plan and execute - often late at night or into the wee hours of the morning - it's no wonder mommies and daddies across the land may be a little hesitant to begin this Christmas tradition. Fear not! The Elf on the Shelf truly is fun and can be a treat for the whole family (yes, even Mom and Dad).

Top FIVE reasons to get your Elf on:

1. Make it your own: I know there's a book and stack of rules about what your Elf is supposed to accomplish during the Christmas season. Rules are meant to be broken. It's not the end of the world if your child touches the elf every day. It's not the end of the world if your Elf never actually leaves the shelf. To my knowledge there is no Elf Police that revokes your rights to your Elf if the rules are not followed, so make them up as you go and do what works for your family.

2. Spur your creativity: How often in our every day lives do we get to completely think outside of the box and then create those ideas? Elf on the Shelf is an amazing way to get those creative juices flowing!

3. For the kid or kid at heart: I'm pretty sure my husband is more excited than my son to see our elf's shenanigans! Buddy up with your spouse or significant other and trade-off days so that each of you can experience the element of surprise.

4. Pure joy: Elf on the Shelf should be fun and exciting and a joy-filled activity. If it's none of those things for you, then pack him up and send him on back to the North Pole. Remember, it's not mandatory.

5. Additional Christmas Cheer: I enjoy everything about the Christmas season - spiritual and commercial. We decided to begin the tradition of Elf on the Shelf as a fun way to kick off the Christmas season and include a little bit of celebration during each day of December. One can never have too much Christmas cheer so bring on elves and the ho-ho-holidays!

Carlee Sizemore, today's Camp Makery guest blogger and Elf extraordinnaire, is a designer and stylist located in Connecticut. Check out the fancy things happenin' over at Carlee's studio. Have you gotten your Elf on and have funny ideas to share with other elfin' parents? Post them over on Instagram #campmakeryelf or share with us on Facebook. xo