5 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Love Yourself First….So that you may love others more fully!

Here is what my heart is LOVING this February! Taking care of myself in these ways is how I show myself love, and I hope this give you some ideas of how you can also do something nice for yourself in honor of Valentine’s Day!

1.  Yoga:
Anytime, anywhere—I’ve never seen a yoga body that didn’t look younger, leaner, and more graceful than its non-yoga counterparts.

How To Kick-Start Your Yoga Adventure:
Google studios near you to find one that would be convenient to try out. Most studios have great beginner prices. Not brave enough to try it in your hometown or your neighborhood studio? Take a class while on vacay or a business trip! You will meet people of every level, age, and health condition. No one is likely judging you, and you will never see them again anyway. Favorite travel yoga adventure I’ve heard:  Yoga on a paddleboard in Costa Rica. Google your destination before you leave, and commit to a crazy, fun try at yoga—be it on a beach, in a barn, with a fox, in a box. You get the point!


2.  The Nutri-Bullet:
Do we need be reminded again of the immeasurable benefits of getting your 8 servings of fruit and veggies a day? With smoothies, you get the benefit of fiber, in addition to the slow release of nutrients as your body digests it. So it’s win-win! Many of my friends are grossed out watching me drink it, but I never give up on eventually converting them!

3.  The Juicer:
Fiber is expelled as you virtually become mainlined with Mother Nature’s vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and much more! All of Mother Nature’s goodies, while processed by your body, are used in healing, nourishing, and detoxing your body at a cellular level. Take this a little further: adult beverage shots are now being replaced with wheat grass shots. Oh yippee skippy! I usually alternate—one day I will juice, the next day, I will make a veggie smoothie. Read more on why to juice here from Dr. Oz.

How to Kick-Start Smoothies & Juicing:
Have you surpassed the newness and excitement of the health benefits of veggie juicing and smoothies and want to ramp it up more?! Try watching the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. If that doesn’t drag you into juicing and smoothies, then I’ll have to re-think my tactics. It’s a Life Changer! Check it out for yourself here if you don’t believe me.

If you are still resisting, you can try a different approach. Learn how to ferment and “can” your own veggies and fruits—all jammed with millions of probiotics your gut will loooooove! No fancy equipment required, and no boiling. But it’s ok if you want to do it in beautiful jars (I do. I’m visual, always.) Check it out here.

4.  Vitamin Supplements:
I’m a fan and not ashamed to admit it.  And yes, I use one of those geriatric medicine case holders to organize them all! While it may look like the cornucopia of tablets that you might see a heart transplant person carrying around, it isn’t! It is soooo much better. Repeat after me: “Supplements for prevention.”  I’ve become familiar with my body’s weaknesses, and I have spent 25+ years tweaking my vitamin regimen to serve me best, for whatever life has going on at the time. Your local vitamin storeowners and employees are FULL of information. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Further, they usually they have a basket full of samples they are more than happy to share. To find vitamins at a bargain price, check Amazon, which will have free shipping if you are a prime member (and if you’re not, you need to get in the 21st century and become one.)

How to Kick-Start Taking Vitamins:
Consult your physician, have your lab-work done, then let the sampling begin! Medical Research is revealing new discoveries, monthly, on the wonders that are available to all of us in terms of slowing the effects of aging and ramping up our overall health. Can I get a Hallelujah? Don’t know where to start? Click here for a fab vitamin supplement cheat sheet from GOOP. Print it out, hang it on the fridge, and never look back!

5.  Microdermabrasion & Acid Peels:
Years ago at my annual skin cancer screening, my dermatologist delicately asked me, “Are you ready to start a skin care regimen to care for aging skin?” WTH!?! I, in a sort of shock responded, “Ummm, like what?” So once or twice a year, I’d make at least a two hour pilgrimage to receive microderm treatment and an acid peel because, at the time, the treatments weren’t available in our town. Better a little skincare than no skin care, I would tell myself—and the results were astonishing! Then a miracle happened: my sister became a licensed & laser trained Aesthetician in my town, and basically flipped my skincare world upside down! I am now committed to a monthly skincare appointment with her. She made me pinkie swear to the following: to wash my makeup off at night, and to use the products she has recommended for me, my age, my lifestyle, and the current weather season. The results are nothing short of a miracle! I have been able to give up wearing layers of makeup in order to try and achieve the look of healthy, glowing skin. Now I just have the real thing…Good Habits GO A LONG WAY! Sunscreen by the gallons! Water consumption by the gallons! No nicotine and wearing a smile as much as possible!

How to Kick-Start This:
Overwhelmed by products and treatments on the market? Go to a Derm or Esthy in your town and get a consult. Go to Sephora or Ulta and start asking questions. Their staff is usually trained on the products they carry. You can probably double the info intake if you pick an employee who is close to your age, because guess what products she has probably sampled?! Jackpot! Also, some of those stores are putting in Skin Bars where you can sample products and basically get a skin makeover!  So by all means, belly up to the “bar” and let them go to work! Wanna just read about it or ask questions online? Send Aesthetician (and my sister!) Jenny Corder a question by messeging her company FB page here.

I hope this post propels you toward more knowledge and motivation to implement healthy changes in your life. Or, just magnifies and affirms the positive habits you already have in place.

Illustrations by Bella Pilar.

What would you like to learn more about? Any health and anti-aging trends you are curious about? Send your questions to laina@campmakery.com.