Add Pizzazz to Your Air Plant Holder!

These are cute in ways you didn’t even know existed. From their charming shimmer to the gleaming detail they add to a space to the non-stop smiling faces they foster in onlookers. You'll spend your entire day beaming from ear to ear while this little air plant home brilliantly dazzles. While it quietly dangles, glistening with adorable-ness, you should definitely check out this uncomplicated DIY craft so that you can make more – as birthday, hospitality or just because you’re a great friend gifts. They’re fascinating. 


Decide how much of the globe you want to sparkle. Once you determine how high the glitter should come up, roll the tape around the vessel. 

Tear the tape ends after firmly pressing the tape to the glass. 

Paint a coat of Mod Podge on the glass. I recommend doing this in sections. 


Remove the tape. Then, paint a final coat of Modge Podge over the glitter to seal the design. Offering a finishing touch, the extra coat will dry clear. A note about Mod Podge: it's non-toxic & water based. It's easy for adults to clean up and young crafters, too. 

So here it is! A hand glittered air plant home for the most delightful friends on your list - who might even be you! Whether you keep these for yourself, make them by the dozens for an amazing display, or craft them for favors, we'd love to hear all about it. Please tell me, what did you do with yours?