Anthropologie Inspired DIY Woven Ornaments

Today's DIY is inspired by the always fabulous Anthropologie. I mean seriously...can they do wrong? While purusing their website the other day I ran across this gem and instantly knew I had to recreate it for Camp Makery...a DIY woven ornament!

This DIY is also a wonderful excuse to gather several of your friends and have a little holiday crafting extravaganza! Put in a Christmas movie, heat up some cocoa, and let the holiday spirit ring! Thank you to my friends who came and helped! I love how each person put their unique spin on their mini weaving.


  • Thin cardboard (ceral box)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Wooden skewers (not pictured)
  • Beads, jingle bells, furry ribbon (basically extra cool little dodads)

Begin by cutting out your loom. I used an old cereal box for cardboard. Each of us cut out a different sized rectangle for our loom to create different sized ornaments. Mine was approximately 3.5x3 inches. On each end cut small dashes equadistant apart. 
With a piece of embroidery floss, loop the string around the rectangle inserting it in the notches. Leave several inches of excess embroidery floss at each end.

After threading your needle with your desired color thread, floss, or yarn, begin weaving in and out of each strand. Loop around going the opposite direction repeating the process. (For a great weaving tutorial, visit the A Beautiful Mess girls, here)

Keep weaving back and forth, creating patterns or simple lines across. If you want to begin a new color, simply tie the new piece of yarn onto the existing one and keep going.
I chose to create a fun rectangle! (See tutorial, here, for creating shapes!)

Once your loom is filled, turn it over and in the center, cut your strings in the back. Along the top of the weaving, tie each string to the one next to it around your skewer so it is attached. Do the same thing along the bottom but without the skewer. Using scissors we shortened our skewers to fit the length of the weaving.

The fun part of this DIY is there is no end to the variety of color combos/style you could do! I chose to use more bold colors, while my friend Ang went with a more traditional look! Either way these little mini-weavings really make a statement on the tree!

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