Bohemian Botanical Garden Wedding Ideas

Boho style is always at the top of my list, so when Izzy Hudgins Photography asked me to be a part of this botanical scientist meets hippy girl inspiration shoot I jumped at the chance. I'm talking perfectly imperfect florals full of rich, hand foraged greens and big blooms that are nothing short of magical. No microscopes or organized graphs needed to describe the pretty here. Forget your gage and measuring stick because this charm is off the charts - to a degree that will make your head spin. 

From the event designers, Ivory + Beau: “For this shoot we wanted to mix and match a tree loving hippie fairy bride who loves botany, plants and the forest with a hipster nerdy science loving groom. We felt that oranges would pop perfectly with all the plants and nature of the shoot. The Coastal Botanical Gardens was the perfect location for our theme and we set up their table in the greenhouse and the ceremony we set up in front of a bamboo garden.”

“For all the printables we wanted to mix the botany side with the science side so we put together the themes using chalkboard details with botany illustrations. We spent hours cutting out botany illustrations to put them between acrylic planks for a fun table setup.”


Shoot Location: Savannah, GA
Izzy Hudgins Photography
Event Design, Styling, Stationery Design, and Wedding Dresses: Ivory + Beau 
Flowers & Floral Installation: Christy Hulsey & Kaitlyn Baxter for 
Colonial House of Flowers / Venue: Coastal Botanical Gardens 
Vases & Floral Supplies: Syndicate Sales
First Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta
Second Wedding Dress: Top by 
Rebecca Schoneveld, Skirt byLove Found True 
Hair and Makeup: Marie Bramlett of 
Wicked Lulu 
Groom’s Bow Tie, First Bridal Sash, Necklace: 
Leslie Miller Design 
Model: Leslie Miller / Test Tube Chandelier: 
Grace Graffiti 
Tableware and Cake Table Stands: World Market

This photoshoot is also featured on Ruffled!

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