DIY Beaded Cascade Armband


Nothing better than a great accessory...except for maybe a great accessory that you can make yourself. Armbands are tricky little things because they have to fit well, so making your own is a fabulous way to ensure a custom fit. Add this bohemian-chic and easy hardware to your upper arm or attach it to a longer chain and wear it as a necklace. Whether you dress this up with a maxi dress, sport it with a tank and shorts, or pair it with your bikini you will love your new arm candy.

Supplies Needed:

  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • 4.75MM Jump Rings
  • Hardware Decor (like the coin ones pictured)
  •  2" Head Pins
  • Bag of Seed Beads
  • Leather Strip
  • 3.7MM 24" Ladder Chain
  • Accent Bugle Bead to Tie

Step 1:

After deciding what colors you will use and how you will embellish your cascade, start threading the seed beads in sets of 15 per head pin. Use the pliars to bend loops in the ends of the head pins to close the bead strand. You will need approximately 15 of these pins completed, depending on how long you would like your pattern.  

Step 2:

Attach a jump ring to your head pins and embellishments and connect a row of five beaded head pins to a 3.5" section (use the pliars to break the links of the chain) of chain using the pliars. Take another 3.5" section of ladder chain and attach another row of beaded head pins (four). Attach the jump rings of your embellishments (the coins or contrast colored decor) using the pliars to the outer head pins of the two rows. Add a row of three beaded head pins by jump ring to the middle three of the row of four (in other words, cascading them down) and embellish with coins.

Step 3:

Connect the ends of the rows together using a jump ring at both ends.

Step 4:

Thread the leather strip through the jump rings at the ends of the chain and create a double loop. You will need to cut twice the length measured around your arm to allow for the loop. 

Step 5:

Thread the ends of the loop through the bugle bead accent and tie the two ends together in a knot to secure. 

I love the look of an armband; it's warrior-esque with a feminine softness. The fun of being able to create your own is that a) I spent about $25 and b) it fits my arm without tugging and constant adjustments. Wearing an armband evokes a primal freedom and a touch of sensuality. This armband was inspired by the ones rockin' over at Free People this season.

Make one this season and share your photos with us at Camp Makery or Instagram #campmakery #beadedcascadearmbanddiy