DIY Blanket to Messenger Bag

Now that the season of cozy sweaters and blankets is upon us, I've decided to share a DIY on how to create a cozy messenger bag out of an old blanket! What better to complete your warm winter look but by adding your own DIY bag to the mix?!


  • Sewing machine
  • Blanket (washed)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape

Lay your blanket out on a flat surface. Cut a long strip 14.5 inches wide by 44 inches long. Cut another long strip for the strap wich is 2 inches wide and 44 inches long. I wanted my messenger bag to be deeper to hold my Bible study notebook. You can play with the dimensions to create your own look, if desired!

Fold your long strip in thirds to decide where you want the top flap to hang over. You are essentially creating one giant pocket and letting the top third of the strip hang over the top of the bag.

Using your sewing maching, sew along the 2 edges, creating your big 'pocket'. Turn your bag inside out and sew along the sides of the top flap to create a finished edge.

Now you are ready to add the strap. Flip yoru bag over, pin your long skinny strap in the desired location. It took me a bit of trial and error to get the strap length just right. Once you are sure of the length and placement, sew on the strap. Be sure to go over this stitch several times since it will be a weight bearing stitch.

That's it! In about 30 minutes, you have yourself a very cozy bag to accompany you on those blustery days!

And don't throw away that extra blanket you have left! I have a few more DIY's up my sleeve that will utilize the remainder of the fabric!

Did you give this DIY a try? Share it with us at!!