DIY: Create A Stunning Living Centerpiece

Though I love creating flower arrangements with friends and family, I’m pretty much inspired by all things living, green and summer.  So I grabbed the prettiest container I could find from Pottery Barn and my sister to head to a seaside shop I adore.  Totally in love with personality-filled Katie who runs the show at Viola’s Market, I confess that asking her how she does it is absolutely selfish. I know! But, this centerpiece?! It’s so worth it. I wish every bit of my world looked just exactly like this gorgeous detail.  This piece may be kept indoors in a light infused room, however it thrives in a sunny outdoor space. "Put it on your patio... it'll spill over the sides in no time," Katie confided. Becuase it's filled with succulents, it's very hardy and requires little watering.


Step 1:  
Pick your container and your succulents. Different shapes, sizes and textures are great.  Think tall, trailing and beautiful.  "Succulents are easy especially for first timers," Katie says. Always work with your local grower or speciality flower shop to get your plants. Grocery store plants are usually old, not correctly handled, or native to your area.  

Tip: Choose a vessel that versatile, beautiful and makes you happy. I choose the Cement Richard Taylor Scallop Shell Bowl from Pottery Barn because it's so gorgeous. I love it! If you don't use that specific one, we reccomend a large low vessel of similar shape.

Step 2:
Add soil to your vessel to make a healthy foundation. Porous soil is great for succulents. And, you can even add Styrofoam peanuts to aerate the dirt if you like.

Step 3:  
Plant your picks. Starting with the largest plant will offer a strong focal point to build from. Turn the plant upside down in your hand to remove it from the pot. Then put the roots in the container of soil. 

Step 4: 
Set the Mood. Mood moss will finish the artistic look. Pack it right atop the soil around the plant bases. According to Katie, "the secret is satuaring moss with water beforehand." Soak in water then squeeze it like a sponge. Moss haults evaporation so less watering is required. 

Step 5: 
After the party, the piece will live on, and on and on. Our piece if full of bright light adoring succulents. Moisture can be added to the soil every two weeks or so. Katie's golden rule: DO NOT OVER WATER. Pay a little attention to the soil, she insists. “Ignore these babies,” she says. They’re independent little souls. Leave them alone and stop over watering them!” If properly maintained, it will last for years to come. 

You’ll have such an absolutely lovable, approachable, and opulent point that is a crazy interesting high.  Guests will be smiling, admiring, (and probably touching!) throughout the affair you're planning. The plants will wind, weave and grow together creating works of art oozing texture, color, and beauty that are perfect for any event or place in your home.  These are great gifts, favors and centerpieces - personal, sustainable, and not only gorgeous they look stunning atop every single al fresco table on docket! The possibilities are endless. Don’t you think? 

This piece works fabulously on outdoor dining tables. Or it can be left right outside to thrive throughout the season. 

Sarah DeShaw Photography captures this whole little number in a way that passed my wildest dreams and it has everything to do with her incredible eye plus marshside workspace, expert advice, pretty container, and laughter the only way sisters know how.

See my original version of this post as it appeared on Have & Hold from Pottery Barn

I knew this piece would be a whole new level of gorgeous fun. Making something so summertime chic alongside an expert, your sister, your friends or by yourself is totally doable, simple and elegant. I did it. So can you! Are you going to make one of these? What does it look like? Show us your pics by sharing them on our Facebook page