DIY: Creative Floral Centerpiece with a Cake Stand

I’ve always known that great things sit atop cake stands… but this arrangement I did with my family, captured by the crazy talented Diana Daley Photographers, is an absolute perfect display of whimsical, laid back sophistication.  I mean, seriously: have you ever seen baby blueberries, fresh cut maple leaves and a dried longleaf hydrangea look so beautiful before? It was all done on location at one of my favorite gardens with one of my favorite flower design guru's (my grandmother!) leading the instruction. And here's how it was done: 


Step 1: Upon gathering your favorite elements – flowers, branches, leaves, & greens - tape the Aquafoam Brick to the platter. 

Tip: Nature has the best flowers. Whether foraging yourself or visiting others that do, local growers, passionate about growing beautiful flowers, are everywhere. In addition, snipping greenery from pretty plants, yard trees, and bushes on your walk home is just perfect for this project. Urban foraging is a great way to add loose, organic movement to your arrangement.  

Step 2: Add large, lush blooms like the coral peonies and blush garden roses low and close to the center of the stand. I call these roundy, moundy flowers. Greenery is also added at this time. You're creating a foundation. "This is the base," according to my Grandmother. It looks natural for some of the cascading greenery to drape off of the vessel in places and stand tall in others.

Tip: Wondering which flowers to use? Use whatever makes you smile! I love expressive flowers like peonies, ranunculus, sweet peas, and rich roses alongside local, seasonal varieties. I am fond of flowers I’ve grown, or someone I know has grown – like ones from my Grandmother’s garden. 

Step 3: Insert blooms of all textures, heights and sizes to compliment the roundy, moundy focal flowers. 

Tip: For a wild, lyrical look, use asymmetrical design verses geometric styles.  

Step 4: Finally, add components to float above the greenery and around the low, round flowers. Place them in the flow and direction of the greenery, and let them move. Margie calls these guys "dancers" (love that!).  Place the dancers in the flow and direction of your greenery and let those babies move with a whisp about the place.

While vases are classic vessels, I favor unusual pieces with large openings and surfaces. A cake stand is perfect! A wider opening means more flowers. Plus, it allows them to fall naturally and encourages movement.  A cake stand flower arrangement is fabulous for showers, events, rehearsal dinners and weddings, because the base can be kept for years to come. It’s so meaningful and resourceful. It’s gorgeous! 

I originally shared this moment with Pottery Barn's Have & Hold. You might like it, too. If you ask me, this is totally doable, simple, resourceful and elegant. You can do it!

Please let me know what you put atop your cake stand. I know I'll be amazed. Show me on our Facebook Page