DIY Essential Oil Bubble Bath

Bath time is one of my toddler's favorite times of day. Sometimes it’s hard for her to unwind and settle down, so I started adding some lavender and/or gentle baby essential oil to her bath! It made bed times so much more smooth! Since she loves bubbles I thought, why not make a bubble bath! A friend shared this awesome recipe with me and now we use it almost every night! It’s super bubbly too. Lavender and gentle baby are not only calming, but also great for the skin! (I did not use Gentle Baby on my daughter until she was 6 months old, as it is a blend of oils and can be a bit strong for tiny ones, but use at your own discretion) 
- 1 cup unscented dish soap
- 2//3 cup liquid glycerin
- 1/4 cup water 
- 2-3 drops of Young Living essential oil (we used gentle baby and lavender)
- Jar or bottle to store it in
1. Mix them all together and enjoy!
I know pictured above is castille soap, but we tried that version and it was no bueno. Not enough bubbles! So we tested a few more recipes to get it just right, and 1 cup of dish soap is definately the way to go. 
These two oils also make an awesome "sleepy cream” too, but that’s a blog for another day… :)

I Want Oils! Where Can I Get Them?
You can learn how to start your oily journey with me here! I LOVE sharing oils with people and helping educate them about how to use them safely and appropriately, so I would be happy to help get you started!

Disclaimer: Essential oils are not FDA approved to cure, treat or diagnose. Statements made here are personal experiences and sole opinions and should not be construed nor substituted for a doctor's medical advice. Any decisions made personally on how to use essential oils are just that, a personal decision. Please take responsibility to gather information and make your own educated decision on how you can use oils to help you and your family.
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