DIY Garden Fresh Flower-Girl Halo

When beautiful & creative minds plus a strong, loving energy come together - like between a girl & her mama - magic happens. The kind of magic that makes your heart sing huge tunes. It is that simple. Add the fact that the mother has a way with flowers, and her daughter has flower girl wishes, and you have the makings of the best day ever. Oh! And here is the super great DIY for how to make your own, real flower halo. 


  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh greenery
  • Scissors

Step 1:  Measure the circumference of your head, and cut the wire twice the length needed. 

Step 2: Create a wire loop the size of your measurement. Wrap the extra wire around to make a sturdy form.

Step 3:  Gather the flowers which may be from a flower shop like mine, or hand collected like the Golden Raintree Blooms my 88 year old Grandmother plucked from her yard. Or, you can marry both - fresh from your garden + florist beauties. Place one of your flowers on the wire loop while using the floral tape to secure the stem to the wire. 

Step 4: Then, put another flower, stem of berries, or greenery behind your first one. Tape it to the wire. Repeat it until the wire is completely covered with something - anything - just don't let it peep through. Hide all the mechanics. 

This is a collaborative effort between a mother and daughter. While helping me with a dear friend's wedding, Beatrice confided she has forever fancied being a flower girl. So, she and I teamed up to make that happen. 

Crowned with a hand-made, floral, ring of natural tones and gentle pops of color, bride's bouquet in hand, she delivered the bridal bouquet. Viola! The prettiest flower girl. Making her castle in the sky a reality was the inspiration, and oh did it happen! When I asked (okay, begged) the amazing Haley Sheffield to share the photos from the moment, she was happy to oblige. Ah! She's awesome. 

Have you made a fresh from your garden halo for your flower girl? Did it make every one of her flower fancies come true? Oh! How I'd love, LOVE to hear. Tell me more on our Facebook page