DIY Glitter Party Headbands

It's no secret that I love glitter, accessories, and a good party. So what could be a better DIY project than a little sparkly festive headgear? These glitzy headbands can be customized to suit any occassion and partygoer- young and old. I think they are perfect for anything from a child's birthday party to a bachelorette or holiday party. Best part? You can customize them to say whatever you want! Oh, no, wait! That's not the best part. The best part is that they cost about $1 each to make! No! The best part is the GLITTER! Let's just get started, yes?


  • Plastic headbands (These were $2.50 for a pack of 7 at Tar-jay)
  • Alphabet magnets (Again, Tar-jay, but this time the Dollar Spot!  I picked up three packs to ensure I'd have plenty of each letter)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Krylon Glitter Blast spraypaint (You could use plain spraypaint. I guess.)

Start out by deciding what you want to spell on your headbands. Play around with different words- maybe even break out a thesaurus! (Woah. Things just got serious.) Lay out all of your words or phrases, and if you have any that are on the long side do a test run along one of your headbands to make sure it fits before you start gluing.

Start gluing your letters onto your headband one at a time.  Place a small dot of glue on the bottom of each letter where it will touch the headband. Affix it to the headband and hold for about ten to fifteen seconds before moving onto the next.  TIP: If you want the words perfectly centered, start with the middle letter of your word and glue that one to the very top of the headband, then continue on with the rest of the letters working your way out.  I kinda like them off-center, though.

Once they're all glued, you'll have a nice little collection that looks something like this. See all those little glue strings and globs? I should have picked those off before snapping this pic. Whoops. Make sure you do that before the next step, which is...

GLITTER!!!!! Krylon Glitter Blast rocks my world. Spray on 3-4 light coats, allowing time to dry in between. Make sure you hit the headband from all angles to get in the little nooks and crannies of your letters.

And then... They will look like this!  Ta-daaaa! Perfect for any festive occasion. I had a little photo shoot with Delaney and she has been wearing them ever since. They are just too fun and too easy NOT to make!

So there you have it! The cheapest, easiest, most festive way to adorn your noggin for any occasion! With Halloween and the holiday season creeping up on us, my wheels are a-turnin'!

We would LOVE to see your adaptation of this project! Please share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #CampMakery!