DIY: Horse Flower Garland

As someone who has been out of highschool for almost 20 years (holy wow!) and as someone who works with flowers and photographers for sometimes 10 hours a day (yeah, holy wow, wow) you'd think I am waaay over senior pictures. And the truth is I kind of was until a few weeks ago. I assumed I'd had my last hoorah. That's until I got a request for a gorgeous garland for a horse, for a girl I just adore. Here is the DIY from the floral garland we made for Mary Lee's highschool senior picture. It's a merry, easy, little hour long project that gives a giant-size wallop of beautiful to any photo. 

Materials :

  • Clippers
  • Eucalyptus Garland
  • Flowers
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Glue
  • Water Tubes

Step 1: Gather the supplies and flowers. The flowers may be hand picked from your garden, from the flower mart if you have access or any florist. My grandmother handcollected the Golden Raintree and rose blooms from her yard, while the other florals are from the flower shop.

Step 2: Now, bring in the garland! Whether by ordering from a flower shop, or making your own, I recommend using eucalyptus but any greenery will work. There isn't much savings in doing it yourself as I recommend saving the time and get it pre-made.

Step 3: Once you choose your flowers. Cut stems at an angle. 

Step 4: Remove leaves that will be below the water line. 

Step 5: Add a water tube to help the flowers stay fresh throughout the day. Because this is going on an animal I recommend using as few water picks as possible to keep it comfy for gallop-er.

Step 6: Once your flowers are prepared, decide where you would like your biggest, most favorite blooms to fall. And, tuck these flowers in the garland by running a wire behind them. By wireing underneath the garland the leaves disguise the wire, glue & tubes. 

Step 7: Pull the wire around to wrap the flower stem and garland together. Wire or glue, or a marriage of both can be used to secure the flowers. The trick is to be certain they're on the garland very good as the because the bronco is going to move. 

Step 8: Add all the other flower-lovlies you chose in the same manner as the focal flowers. Repeat the clusters until you are happy with how it looks. Now you're all done! You're stallion has a garland overflowing with beautiful pom pons. 

And this my friends is the garland we amde for Mary Lee from Statesboro High School Class of 2014. I did cart wheels down the driveway when the call came for this one. I promise! Okay, that's pretty extreme but after seeing these senior portraits photographed with absolute perfection by Diana Daley Photography . I am pretty sure you're going to be excited over and over again, too. 

So, do you  see why I said, yes? Oh and click here to see even more if these pictures aren't enough. You can see the whole fabulous story behind the photo session in the Seniorology feature, too.

Does it make you feel like doing gymnastics or something exciting like making one? 

Have you ever made a flower garland for a horse? You've got to show us.  Post them on our Facebook page!