DIY Jersey Knit Baby Headband

Hi campers! After a brief hiatus for my maternity leave...I am back! And let me introduce my PRECIOUS daughter, Flora Lee White! She has mommy's blue eyes and daddy's dark hair. Needless to say we are pretty smitten! Baby girl is now 2 months old and thriving! As my first post back from break, I thought I'd bring you a baby DIY, modeled, of course, by my daughter! :)

One of the hottest baby girl accessory trends right now are these adorable jersey-knit headbands. I've seen some stinking adorable ones on various Etsy shops and other sites. As tempted as I was to buy a truckload of every color and pattern, the thrifty mom in me knew I could re-create this trend for pretty cheap (we are talking less than $1/ headband!). Let me show you how to whip up these cuties in a flash! 


  • 1/8 yard jersey knit fabric
  • coordinating thread
  • sewing machine
  • ruler
  • scissors (I opt for a rotary cutter and mat)
  • pins (not pictured...whoops!)

Begin by measuring and cutting out a long rectangle, 3 inches by 21 inches. Carefully fold this rectangle in half, hot dog style. Pin the edges together and cut each end at an angle.

Starting at one end sew a few straight stiches forward and back. 

Now change your stitch setting to the medium length zig-zag stitch. It works better with stretchy fabrics. Continue sewing along the edge until you reach the middle. Backstitch several stitches and repeat this process starting at the other end. The goal is to leave a gap somewhere near the center so you can turn the tube inside right. 

Using the hole at the center, flip the tube inside right. Using a pencil push out the ends then iron the edges down. With your sewing machine set on a straight stitch again, sew up the hole.

Next...find yourself a cute baby, double knot your headband, and there you go! Cute baby becomes ADORABLE baby! :)

If you are like me you can't stop at just one of these headbands. They are so easy, might as well make several! A girl can never have too many accessories, right?!

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