DIY: Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Eggs

Each year I look for something new and creative to do with my Easter eggs. This year I came up with 3 different ways to make your Easter eggs stand out from the rest! I worked with different color palettes, all inspired by Pottery Barn collections, so that your Easter Decor will flow seamlessly with your home in a classy and elegant way. 
Method 1: Sharpies
This blue and white scheme calls out to their beautiful Indigo Collection. I simply used a set of Sharpies to hand draw patterns onto each egg. Sharpies work so well because they come in a variety of colors and you can set them down for a few minutes and they'll be dry when you return!
Method 2: Natural Dyes & Stickers
I used several natural dyes to color these beautiful eggs, just lik emy grandmother taught me. The tan eggs were dyed by boiling them with several black tea bags, and the terra-cotta hued eggs got their color by boiling with the skins from 5 yellow onions. You can let the eggs soak for as long as you want to get a darker color! Each egg has its own pattern or monogram — I used stickers on the eggs and put the eggs in a nylon stocking tied at the top to hold the stickers in place during the dying process. Stickers are an easy way to make sure your eggs look flawless! The monogrammed eggs are fun and can be used as wonderful placeholders at your Easter dinner.
Method 3: Moss
To make the moss designed Easter egg, I simply glued small pieces of faux moss to a green Sharpie outline to create eggs with raised moss accents or monograms.
How are you celebrating Easter this year? Did you try any of these designs on your Easter eggs? Tweet us pics of how your's came out by following us on Twitter and tweeting @CampMakery!