Easy Artichoke Candle Holders

Artichokes, are just one of the many local foods that grow here in my new home of Northern California, that I did not grow up accustomed to eating in Kansas. But, they are in every dish out here, and it turns it they don't have to be deep fried in a cheese dip to be delicious. When I think of classic nor-cal cuisine, I can't help but also think of artichokes. Inspired by this as well as how cool they look, I wanted to incorporate them into the decor, for our Napa Harvest Dinner Party we had. So, I decided to turn them into candle holders! It was super easy and I received loads of compliments at the party. To see the other DIY's I made for this dinner party, check out the other posts on how to make the sun print napkins and the olive branch garland


  • artichokes
  • lemon juice
  • knife
  • scissors
  • tapered candles

Start by cutting off the bottom stem of the artichoke so it will stand up. Then trim any points off the tips of the leaves. Put a little lemon juice on the bottom of the stem to keep it from oxidizing. Then use your fingers to pry apart all the center leaves you can, until you reach the little round heart of leaves, in the center, that is too tightly closed to open. Holding the leaves open, place the candle inside. Wrap your hand around the artichoke to encourage the leaves to close back around the candle. Pour lemon juice inside to also keep the inside of the artichoke from oxidizing. 

Light, and enjoy the ambiance at your next dinner party!

If any of your candles start to fall sideways, you can always stick a little kleen-x inside the artichoke. 

See how easy that was? How did your tablescape turn out with these? Send us your pics at info@campmakery.com