Easy Purse Upgrade with Tassels!

Hey Campers! It’s DIY time again! For my recent trip to Europe I needed to bring a simple cross-body purse that had a secure closure. I found this unassuming bag at a thrift shop for $2. The crafter in me couldn’t leave it in such a simple state, so, in about 20 minutes I added these cute tassels! It’s a simple way to give an old has-been purse new life! 


  • leather (or pleather) purse
  • scissors
  • pen
  • ruler
  • hole punch pliers
  • hot glue
  • suede cord
  • pinking shears

On your leather, measure 2 rectangles 3 inches high by 3.5 inches wide. Along the 3 inch line cut with your pinking shears (regular scissors work as well, however pinking shears give you the pointed edges along the bottom of the tassel). Cut the 3.5 inch line with regular scissors.With the zigzag edge facing toward you, draw a horizontal line 5/8 of an inch from the top. Using your ruler, draw vertical lines from the inward v mark to the horizontal line. Cut along the vertical lines, stopping once you hit the horizontal. Cut a piece of suede cord 5.5 inches long. Using a small dab of hot glue, attach the end of the cord to the top edge of the leather strip. With your glue gun, draw a line of glue down the top strip and before the glue dries, roll the leather. Be sure to start rolling from the end you’ve attached the cord to. This will keep the cord at the center of the tassel. Don’t use too much glue as it spreads when you begin to roll the leather. It worked best for me when the glue was applied in the center of the long uncut strip. Choose a location on your purse where you’d like the tassels to hang from.  Using a pen or sharpie, mark 2 small dots 1 inch apart. With your hole punch pliers, create holes in the 2 spots where you placed your dot marks. Depending on the type of purse this could be a little tricky. My pliers punched through the leather, but I had to use a pencil to poke a hole through the fabric backing.

Weave the suede cord in and out of the holes. Repeat the process for attaching your second leather piece to the other end of your suede cord. Since one end is already in place on the purse, attaching the second piece of leather takes a little finagling. I pulled the cord in a knot, then let it dangle off the edge of the purse to give myself a working space.

Once you’ve attached the second leather rectangle, your tassel is complete! If you want, you can add extra embellishments around the top of the tassel for added interest! I added a black velvet ribbon and another piece of suede cord!

Happy tasseling, campers!