Elderberry Mimosas

As part of my Mom's Perfect Mother's Day Lunch Menu, even though it isn't brunch, I threw in a mimosa for good measure.  It's Mother's Day!  Live a little!  When I was living in Santa Cruz, I discovered delicious little elderberries which are not just yummy but also have medicinal properties.  In my opinion, there are simply not enough foods with elderberries.  I aim to correct this wrong in the world and I'm starting here.

All you need is your favorite champagne or sparkling wine and elderberry syrup.  Elderberries might be tough to find but elderberry syrup isn't.  If you are lucky enough to have access to elderberries, these are a couple of simple recipes to make your own elderberry syrup.  It goes great on ice cream, yogurt and in smoothies, too!  Because it is every naturalist favorite cough and cold remedy, it is easy to find commerical elderberry syrup blends.  If you are using it for recipes, opt for a version that has few ingredients, just elderberries and base like honey or vegetable glycerin.



  • glass of champagne or sparkling wine
  • 2 Tablespoons Elderberry syrup

Simply add the elderberry syrup to your glass, top with champagne and stir.   Enjoy the good life!

Now, I'm not saying that this cocktail might help you out while you have a cold or are struggling with a lingering cough but I'm not saying it won't!

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