Elegant Moss Table Number Wedding DIY

When I was working as an event designer in Atlanta, every wedding had a dilemma of how to make a stylish table marker that wouldn't distract from the beauty of the rest of the table. Even though I'm not doing that full time anymore, I still style the occasional wedding, like this one I did recently that had a French industrial vibe going. And we had the same issue for this wedding too. So I came up with these elegant table numbers that the bride loved and enhanced the beauty of the tables! It’s so simple that I had to shoot a DIY for it to share with all of you! 


  • moss wire (available at craft stores like Michael's and online here)
  • flower stakes with wire (also available at craft stores like Michael's)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • flower stakes
  • dried flowers & herbs such as rosemary, yarrow, lavender, and berries (I ordered mine online from this Etsy shop)
  • printed numbers for each table you need a number for at your event (I recommend using the fonts Garamond or Baskerville) 
  • vessel (about 5"-8" tall)
  • floral foam
  • ​dry moss
  • work surface you don't mind getting covered in little bits of moss

Step 1:
Curve the edge of the wire back so you have a round starting point, start at the tip of the number, and use your fingers to shape the wire to follow the outline of the number, tracing around the number all the way back to where you started it. 

Step 2:
When you've reached the starting point, trim it with your wire cutters leaving about 1" extra to wrap around the other end so its one connected piece. Lay it flat back on the sheet on top of the number to make sure it doesn’t need any final tweaking.

Step 3:
Repeat this to make the rest of the numbers you will need. Then lay them out and start playing with adding in some trimmed herbs, flowers, and berries. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, secure them in place with hot glue. 

Dont they look beautiful all together? 

Step 4:
Now to get those pretty numbers standing up! Take your flower stakes that come with wire pre-attached and place it behind a straight edge of the number and wrap the wire around the number several times to attach the two.  

I recommend having the stake and number overlap each other about 3 inches so it will easily be able to hold the number up. You won’t be able to do this for all of them (like the 2,3, & 5) but do it if you can. Then flip the numbers over and secure the wire that is holding the number and stake together with a little dot of glue so it doesn’t become unraveled. 

Step 5:
To make your vessel that will hold these, just place the floral foam in the vessel and glue moss to cover it.  I love this way because you can make it way in advance before the wedding and not have to worry about it. 

However, you can also place these table numbers in normal floral arrangements, or potted herbs or plants. I used hydrangea, bacopa, and a fern for the photos below. For the actual wedding, the bride didn’t want a ton of flowers for her French Industrial look, so we placed them in vintage metal vases with foam and moss as described above in the DIY. 

Here it is at the actual wedding in Atlanta:

Doesn't it look great with the overall look of their whole decor? 

Bravo to my talented friends and fellow bloggers Chelsea Mitchell for the images from the wedding, and Christy Hulsey for the lighting, florals, and antlers! 

How did your table numbers turn out? Share them with us on Instagram by following us and tagging @CampMakery