Fall Winery Party Ideas with Pottery Barn

As a little girl, I remember dreaming about a party amid my grandmother’s grapevines.

Vineyard soirees are the epitome of downright magical romance. From the rich, dangling colors of bronze, burgandy and all shades of green to the wild, organic, sweet smell of grapes begging for harvest, to the enchantingly peaceful sound of leaves dancing through the acreage--all are oh-so-perfect. And that is the exact reason why setting up a drop-dead gorgeous inspiration shoot like the dreams of my childhood fantasies with the girls of Salted & Styled was, well, pretty much effortless. Literally a dream come true. Want the recipe for that yummy Chocolate Cabernet Cake? Get it here!



Naturally beautiful with of-the-earth style from Libbie Summers set the table for an engagement party. It was a day of non-stop pretty, with every floral element intentionally foraged and hand-snipped from lush grounds that are full of pear, pomegranates, figs, grapes, and heavenly bamboo. Featuring Ginger Lily and olive branches gathered alongside my Grandmother and daughter a garland, shaped with my sister's touch, added to the intentional ancestral poetry of the gathering between the grape rows.



Chia Chong snapped every single moment so perfectly that you can practically see the story unfold. 



She brings to life the homespun chic celebration which lends to Libby's scene by scene story-line of a younger sister named Anna - who is soon-to-be the maid of honor for her beloved sister bride, Lily. Anna, abounding with ardent, unfeigned love, brings full-flavored wine, cheese and dessert to the fete.



Anna beautifully transforms an ordinary setting for Lily of found tables, benches and even a family room sofa that has been around as far back as she can remember into something extravagant and extra-ordinary. Using the environment as inspiration, her breathtaking pallet fuses greens with rich red wines through a warm, deep, abundant garland - all over a menu of fruit, cheese, wine and her true gift to the occasion--a recipe she had been working on since she learned about the history of the stack cakes of Appalchian weddings.



The day created by the sister for her sister is crafted around bounding intention, outdoor dining and fun details that blow the guests away with grand candor, innocence and primitive, raw, classically natural beauty. The love between the sisters is instinctively divine. And the gorgeous wine country soiree? Just as stunning.

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Bio for Salted and Styled: Libbie Summers  and Chia Chong are the creative minds behind the blog, Salted and Styled. Their commercial and editorial food-inspired work has been featured in publications north and south of the equator and garnered a National Book Review award, two international IACP awards, and most recently a National BH&G award. Although from different parts of the world, Libbie and Chia come together in Savannah, GA to create, work, and play. 

Production: Salted & Styled + Camp Makery for Pottery Barn Have and Hold
Photography: Chia Chong 
Floral Design: Christy Hulsey, Amanda Currier, Melissa Carter for Colonial House of Flowers 
Cheese Stand, Glasses, Slate Wine Makers provided by : Pottery Barn 
Wine provided by: Cameron Hughes 
Olive Branch Collection: Margie Tygart (aka my grandmother and The Butterfly Girl
Concept, Styling & Cake: Libbie Summers 
Production Assistant: Candace Brower 
Model: Anna Heritage 
Vintage Plates: Habersham Antiques Market 
Olive Oil: Georgia Olive Farms
Location: Temples Farm 

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