Festival-Ready: 3 Ways to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

Crochet cropped tops, cutoffs, long flowing skirts and music jamming...festival season is here!

Raise your hands up high and embrace the sun with these pretty petal dos. You don't have to go high dollar for exotic blooms, just go for a little wander in your closet forest or field and harvest the blossoms of the season. I love the flowers on wild blackberry bushes, but you have to be careful to trim around the thorns. Use narrow-bladed scissors to get between the branches and make a clean snip. Wearing flowers in your hair is such a carefree way of loving the warmth of spring, so don't fret for perfection, toss your hair around and get creative with where you pin them.

Look 1:
This little messy up-do is made by separating your hair into two wide sections starting at the temple and twisting up and away from the face. Once you get to the back of your head, twist the two sections around each other and pin in place with bobby pins. You can tuck your flowers into the top of the twist in the back or angle them slightly to the left or right side of your head. *Bonus: once you unpin this twisty style, you'll have beachy waves for days.* My top is a thrifted lace vest worn backwards and tied with a piece of vintage lace ribbon. 

Look 2:
Braids are all the rage, so embrace them and adorn them for festival season. A braided crown in your hair is the perfect canvas for a sprig or two of small blooms. I love that the wild blackberry flowers stayed fresh and white for hours after pinning them in. Top is the Plant Our Dreams Pullover by Free People.

Look 3:
I love that ferns, pods, and seeds can be just as fun as flowers. Take a simple top-knot and pin greenery or flowers around the base of the knot. 

"Get over your hill and see what you find there with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair..." lyrics from After the Storm ~ Mumford & Sons

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