First Week Home: Essentials for Baby & Momma

Today marks 1 week home from the hospital (Wahoo!). I thought I’d share the products we’ve relied on as first time parents, as well as the products that have helped me as a new momma who is still healing from a C-section.

  1. Moses Basket: One of my favorite Instagrammers, Mammawaters, had a Moses basket for her son, Theodore, when he was first born. She would place him in it and take him from room to room as she was going about her day. (I'm slightly obessed with her. You gotta check her out!) This seemed like a practical product, so I started to keep an eye out on Craigslist during pregnancy, and I found one with a rocker attachment for just $30! Daniel & I have already used the basket SO much. We place it between us at night with Flora inside, so she is close by at all times. And as I’ve gotten more mobile this week, I carry her with me from room to room (when I’m not snuggling her in my arms, of course!). I feel much better having her in this basket than placing her on the couch or on the floor.
  2. SwaddleMe Swaddler: In the hospital, they have these awful blankets in which they use to swaddle the newborns. They aren’t that soft, and somehow, Flora always managed to get her arms out of the swaddle. So during our first night home, we used one of these SwaddleMe contraptions, and she slept SO much better than in the hospital. She is sleeping in 4 hour increments, and I actually have to wake her up to feed. I think these swaddlers really make a difference. They keep her arms tucked in where she can’t wake herself up. It’s important (according to our pediatrician) to find ones that leave lots of room in the hip area so baby’s hips don’t grow inward.
  3. Wubbanub Pacifier: I swore I wasn’t going to use a pacifier for Flora because I read that, if she is rooting around, it means she is hungry. So why would I give her this false plastic plug instead of the real deal? WELL…in the hospital, I would feed her and feed her until she wouldn’t take anymore. I’d swaddle her up and place her back in the bed. But she would just fuss and coo and not go to sleep. She kept giving me nursing cues, but when I would try again, she didn’t want to eat; she was full. We talked to multiple nurses who said she probably just wants to suck; it’s baby's instinct. So we started giving her the Wubbanub when we put her down to sleep. She will suck on it for a few minutes; then it falls out, and she is sound asleep…Voila! I particularly like the Wubbanub because it stays in her mouth better than other pacifiers we tried due to the cute little animal attachment. 
  4. Newborn Sized Clothing: This is probably a huge "duh" for veteran mammas, but I didn’t realize the big difference between ‘newborn’ and ‘0-3′ sizing. Flora was born 7 lbs., 3 oz., and went down to 6 lbs., 9 oz. So she was fairly small. Even the clothes we brought to the hospital swallowed her. We received a TON of size 0-3 but really nothing in newborn sizing. Thankfully, I had thrifted a few little items and have since found a few more. I don’t think you need that many outfits, but a few things that fit are nice!
  5. Changing Pad: We moved the changing pad into our room on top of my dresser, and it has been a life saver. I just get up at night, feed her, go over and change her diaper on the changing pad, and slip us both back in bed. It’s so convenient and better than changing her on our bed. We also use the changing pad to change her into her pj’s or her outfit for the day. It’s a nice little station to take care of Flora.
  6. Muslin Blankets: Although we don’t swaddle her in these blankets at night, pretty much every other moment of the day we have one of these nearby. We’ve also used them to cover her in the car seat if it’s a little chilly. They are so thin that they pack really nicely in the diaper bag. I also like to have people put this on their arms before I hand them to her. It provides a little protection from germs and helps other people feel she is warm and taken care of.
  1. Nursing Bras & Tanks: Oh boy. Let me just say I had NO idea how life-changing nursing would be. I’m absolutely loving providing nourishment to my baby girl and enjoying all the cuddles, but it is very time consuming and…messy. I bought 2 nursing bras and 2 nursing tanks before she arrived, and those were all dirty in about 5 minutes (ok, not really…but close!). My mom took me to get 2 more tanks and 2 more bras, and I still feel like I could use a few more. I REALLY love the bras and tanks we found at Motherhood Maternity.
  2. Cold Packs: Since I had a C-section, I have a lovely incision to deal with. There is also the matter of my milk coming in and this other lovely issue that I had NO idea about…night sweats! Apparently, if you are breast feeding, your body is telling itself not to ovulate; therefore, you aren’t producing estrogen. So…essentially, it’s like your body is going through menopause. I also get hot flashes throughout the day as well. SO…a few of the gel-type freezer packs have really made me feel better. I will use one on my incision at night and put another one on my forehead! They also provide relief if your breasts are engorged. Just a great item to have around!
  3. Baby Wrap Carrier: As a first time mom, I just never want to put my baby down! I feel guilty not holding her; I mean, I’m used to carrying her around in my belly 24/7, so it’s hard to just have her in the basket for hours at a time. Happy Baby Wrap sent me this adorable seafoam wrap, and I’ve used it a ton already. It allows me to pick up the house, go on short walks, sort the laundry, or even run errands without having to lug around a plastic carrier. I also like it b/c nobody asks to hold your baby when they are all snuggled into a wrap like this. They just see her sweet face, make a comment about how cute she is, and leave it at that! :) (I’m going to do a full review of this particular wrap on a later blog post.)
  4. Glider: When it’s time to feed, there is no more comfortable place than our glider! Not only is it comforting to Flora, but it’s comforting to me. We just rock and nurse and rest. I’ve been taking naps in it as well. It’s become a little ‘safe place’ for us, and I’ve loved having one!
  5. Water Bottle: Pregnancy made me SO thirsty, and I thought that might go away, but nope! Nursing has continued to make me crave water like nobody’s business. It’s nice to have a water bottle you like nearby at all times. Water will also help keep your milk supply up!
  6. Pads: Doesn’t matter if you had a C-section or not; you just need these for a while!
  7. Nursing Pads: Like I said, nursing is MESSY. I bought a small box of disposable nursing pads, and I already need more! You never know when you might leak or if the little lady is extra messy while having her supper, these are simply nice to have. They also make me feel more secure when I go out in public that my shirt won’t get randomly soaked!

Here is one of Flora’s newborn photos, taken when she was 8 days old! My sweet friend, Cynthia, of Sweetpea Photography did them. I love how they turned out!

I’d love to hear what products you have found helpful post-baby! Please share by emailing me at or leaving a comment on our Facebook page!