Hand-Stamped Ikat Stationery with Wine Corks

IKAT is HOT! No really, this culturally-evoking print is everywhere right now. Get into the groove and channel your bohemian-chic nature with bright and bold ink pads and a couple of wine corks. It's fun to play with the color and pattern to mix it up. You could frame these as prints or brighten a friend's day with a handpainted note.


  • envelopes and paper
  • exacto knife
  • ink pads in two colors
  • a pen or fine point Sharpie 

If you think of an ikat pattern geometrically, a square and a circle is all you need to make the pattern. You can also make a swoop, a curl, or a triangle.

Always shave in a direction away from your body. When carving the inside of a small shape, it helps to whittle in small twisting motions with the blade to crumble the cork apart. We decided to do square stamps in turquoise and then fill it with a circle stamp in gold, but feel free to get creative with what shapes and color you love!

When you have a shape you are happy with, press it onto a stamp pad and then try doing a few tester stamps on scrap paper to see if you like the stamp its making. Experment patterns until you find the perfect one, then go for it on the real envelopes! 

You can even stamp the inside to make a faux envelop liner. I think it's the special little touches like this that make a big difference and make the recipient feel extra special.

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