How to Arrange Flowers in a Mason Jar Like a Pro

Jam jars are one of the most fascinating little things-–they’re just so cute. And spray roses are one of my most loved flowers because they’re little eences of simple, pure pretty. There’s so much to admire about these two things, especially when married together. I asked Betty Martin, a floral designer with 40 years under her apron, to show us how to marry these two elements simply, easily, and like a pro.  


  • Jam Jar (aka, Mason Jar)
  • Floral Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Spray Roses

Step 1:  Spray roses can easily be found at the flower market, grocery store or any florist. Gather all of the stems to your perfect liking as if it's hand held bouquet.  We used 15 stems, though you can opt for a looser design by using less. The tallest stem should be in the middle while the shortest shoots tuck around the edge of the bouquet.  Then trim the stems to the desired length. The stems should be flat on the bottom so they all hit the vase at the same point. Make certain to trim the stems at an angle.

Insider Tip:  Trimming the stems will allow them to suck up more fresh water, and the goal is to not have the stems out of the water for more than 10 seconds once they've been cut. Also, leave a few leaves at the tops of the stems to help the the flower take in more water, and to achieve a more casual-fresh-from-the-garden look.

Step 2:  Take the jar that is full 2/3 of the way with lukewarm water and insert your bouquet.  Upon putting the flowers in the jar, you can tailor the design by adding or subtracting stems. 

Step 3: Trim your ribbon. We used luxurious, double-sided, satin ribbon to add a bit of opulence to the unrefined vessel. 

Whether as a centerpiece, tablescape, by a bed, or as a gift, I happen to think this incredibly beautiful, and the simple design is total genius. And with these tips from a flower veteran, it’s one you can totally execute on the fly. 

So tell me: Are you going to make one of these? I am eager to see your Jam Jar overflowing with spray rose knack. I know you've got it. Share your pictures on our Facebook page!