The Secret to No-Fuss Framing Your Art

How do you like our newly framed art that was painted live at our wedding? It is the framed art that almost wasn't - let me know tell you how we have finally started getting all our walls decorated with beautiful art and photos that are professionally framed (and at an affordable price!) through this amazing company called Framebridge.

You guys know know how I live in Silicon Valley because my husband is a mobile designer in tech - lately for Facebook - right? Well he is always on the hunt for the latest coolest amazing start up. It takes a lot to catch his eye - the whole company has to be well executed from beginning to end. The idea, the company branding, the product, the website and app design - it all has to be jaw-dropping. Framebridge is such a company. He stumbled across it about year ago and couldn't wait to show it to me. The whole concept was amazing; a perfect solution for the stacks of unframed art we had lying around our garage.

 All we had to do was use the simple app to input the kind of art, size, pick the frame, and they would send us a box to send it back to them. It would then be mailed back professionally framed. The options of frames are a boutique selection of in-style frames only - no more being overwhelmed at the framing store or other framing websites that offer 500+ crazy options. We were determined then to start sifting through all the art and get it framed and hung in our new home we had just purchased.  However, getting pregnant right after we discovered Framebridge with our first baby got us a little sidetracked. Those first few months of just sitting and rocking and nursing our new baby boy left me much time to stare at the blank walls and I kept dreaming of getting that art framed and hung!  So you can imagine my delight when Framebridge reached out to one of our Camp Makery bloggers- the super creative mom & lawyer Ashley Pepitone - and asked if we wanted to do some posts with them. We jumped at the chance! These paintings have been unframed since we were married 5 years ago, and we just never could quite get around the time or money to having the proper framing they deserved.

Chris and I met in Sarasota, Florida while attending Ringling College of Art and Design. Art, the Ringling mansion, and the beaches there became an intrinsic part of us as a couple and our falling in love. Even after we moved several times, we knew we wanted to go back to Sarasota and get married at the Ringling Mansion on the back terrace over looking the water. I also wanted paintings of our wedding to help capture the memory since that was my major. I was able to track down some old classmates still in the area and asked if they would be willing to come and do some live painting throughout the whole evening. As you can see- they did! 

They actually did 4 paintings total, but the other 2 are at Chris's parents house. The 3rd painting at the bottom of this triptych is one I painted at the beach near Chris's house right as we first met- so much emotion comes back to me in that painting, the memory of the exquisite joy of falling in love with the man you will end marrying.

I have to share with you a few of my other favorite highlights from the awesome company that is Framebridge:

1. They will help you design a gallery wall!
$99 consultation includes: Design consultation with an expert, Two sets of frame style and layout options, Final hanging and measurement plan, $50 toward custom framing for your wall

2. Frame Art or Photos:
If you don't have art to mail in and be framed, you can upload photos to their site and they will print and frame them. How easy! 

3. Receive 10% off your first order by signing up their emails:
Perfect! I def took advantage of this.

4. Shipped Free & Ready to Hang
Need I saw more? I have had framed work sit in storage for years because it didn't have the final hardware on it needed to able to hang it.

5. Instagram Print and Frame for $39
Frame an instagram from your feed for $39, shipping included. Choose any frame style, matted or unmated. The instagram will be printed 5” x 5”.

Now I want to show you the screenshots from my phone so you know just how easy their free app is to use:

You just take a photo of your art and crop it to size, select art type, enter in the size, and then you pick what kind of frame you want. I LOVE that you can preview it and see what it's going to look like with different framing options. Then you pay and you're done. They will ship a box to you and it has everything you need to securely send your art back to them. 

I am so thrilled with how they came out and just so grateful for how easy and affordable Framebridge made this whole process. I am currently working on getting more artwork framed by them - including a watercolor I just did of my husband and new baby experiencing the ocean for the first time in Dauhpin Island, Alabama this summer. 

This post was created in collaboration with Framebridge, and Camp Makery received product as a part of this post.  However, all opinions are our own! Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Camp Makery going and allows us to bring you fresh content! 

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