Ultimate Girls' Valentine's Party: Glitter Champagne DIY!

Hey guys! Welcome to Camp Makery. So glad you're here! I'm so excited to finally share the tutorial on how to make these gorgeous ombre glitter champagne bottles that have gone viral on Pinterest and in the blogosphere! If this DIY has sparked your curiousity about this blog that I call home, you can check out even more Camp Makery DIY goodness here. And to see all our ideas just for parties, go here! We've got all sorts of great ideas to keep sharing with you! 

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Take a peek at these darling shots by (the newly blonde!) Haley Sheffield! Do they look familiar? Those flutes and stirrers were crafted to perfection by my dearest fellow counselor (and sparkle buddy) Ashley Pepitone, and I'm the nutjob who created those omnipresent glittered bottles. Are you ready to finally see how they were made? I feel like a sideshow barker when I say this is the grand finale of my contributions to the Ultimate Girls' Valentine's Party series ('cause really folks, between cute rings and lips+lashes I've been building), so let's just go with it:


And now that I've done all that, let's make some new and improved pretty! Here's all you'll need:


  • A bottle containing your substance of choice; I've recently discovered and fallen in love with Saint-Hilaire's Blanquette de Limoux Brut. It predates champagne by 100 years. I don't even know how that happens, but it's affordable and awesome. This works on any type of glass, though: reusable glass swingtop bottles, vases, votives - even Pellegrino - are all fair game.
  • Spray paint in your choice of color (make sure it complements your palette). I'm using Krylon's copper foil metallic.
  • Spray adhesive. This stuff . . . I could write a poem about it. 
  • GLITTER! In whatever palette you fancy. Chunky texture's more forgiving and gives you that fantastic sparkle, but sheds a LOT more. Finer textures definitely seal more easily but will require TONS more blending to produce something with a gradient. 
  • Modge Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer to set everything and minimize shedding.
  • OPTIONAL: my tutorial features a heart right at the neck of the bottle; it's cutesy for Valentine's but absolutely not necessary. If you're interested, any pack of heart stickers should do. I'll explain how that works in just a moment.

Wanna stare at glitter for a sec? Because playing with glitter is step one.

Mmmm. Just mmm.

Step 1: As you can see, I've arranged my glitter into the gradient progression I want on the bottle. We're going to spray and sprinkle in layers, so grab some Solo cups or jars or whatever you want to use for storage and create intermediate mixes of the colors you're blending. For example, if you're working with two shades of glitter, then you'll have one jar that's a mix of both colors to sprinkle in the middle. It goes exponentially from there - you can use as many shades as you think will fit on the bottle, but I think 3-4 shades is where I max out. Did I mention you should be doing this over a tarp or a floor that you want to cover in glitter? Because wherever you are, that work surface will be COVERED

Step 2: Now it's time to paint your bottle. And here's where your optional step comes in.
Spray-painting the bottle is your safety latch. In case the glitter doesn't coat evenly or if it sheds at some point, that background color will show through instead of the bottle itself. I happen to love a metallic bottle, so occasionally I stop after the first sprinkle of glitter and enjoy the contrast of sparkly + shiny.

Optional: If you're interested in the heart option, now's the time to press that sucker wherever you'd like it to be. The first sticker will act as a placeholder; if you pressed a sticker on top of the glitter itself, it might last five minutes before shifting or falling off. This lil' guy will hang out underneath a blanket of glitter, keeping a nice smooth surface for the final sticker that goes on post-glitter and pre-setting spray. We'll get to that.

Step 3: After the paint's dried, shake up your spray adhesive and spray your bottle in sections according to how many colors you're using. If you've got three shades of glitter, go ahead and spray the top third of the bottle, keeping shy of the cork and most of the neck - we'll need it for a handle as we cover the bottle.

Step 4: Keep those cups of glitter handy, because you'll want to shake your first shade evenly over the adhesive section before it dries, rotating the bottle with one hand as you sprinkle with the other. Give the bottle a little shake to shed any excess. 

Step 5: Now repeat, spraying sections with a tiny overlap as you continue to shake your progressive shades all over that bottle.

That's cool. I'm sorry, but that's just cool. Your yard or workspace will look insane, but dang. Sometimes it's just worth it.

Optional: And now's the time for that final optional step!

Peel that placeholder sticker, and in its place, add a fresh one. You'll want to spray its back with a little extra spray adhesive, because I never trust stickers to fully stick. Position it right over the clear area and then just press down and watch it fit in seamlessly! 

Step 6: Our last step is to SHELLACK the bottle in sealing spray. Make sure you're not spraying too close; keep the nozzle roughly 10 inches from the bottle as you spray evenly and lightly. Let it dry, then do it again. No joke. The more concerned you are with shedding, the more coats you can add. The Modge Podge acrylic spray is non-yellowing and doesn't really dull the sparkle and shine, but don't tempt fate by coating it in 5 layers. I think 3 coats with lots of drying time in between would be PLENTY. Usually, I use 2.


And maybe you want to take a hibiscus flower and watch it unfold with streams of bubbles in a lovely coupe or flute. Perhaps with edible heart confetti, if you're into overkill. Overkill's okay! 

And while we're celebrating, I just want to take a second to talk about the point of all this - the point of something that's such a special piece and a feat to produce:
This project is a chance to constantly enjoy the moment. I think the act of creating is something that we need to relish; for me, it's a chance to escape whatever screen is usually in front of my eyes and become mindful and meditative. There's sheer joy in watching tiny flakes sparkle as they cascade out of a jar, in seeing the color intensity build, in knowing that each pour will yield a different result - that each shake of your hand creates a nearly primal response to color and shine. There's magic in that.

There's real joyfulness in expressing yourself - and that translates to whatever you create. My Googly husband is learning to write code - a type of creativity I know NOTHING of - and yet I recognize the triumph in his voice and the exuberance in his eyes when he's brought something into being, all on his own. I think we all share that connection - that thrill of bringing something from concept to reality, finally touching or seeing what was previously a daydream. 

We're all so very busy. Calendars and schedules and appointments and meetings and notifications and confirmation emails. It wears you down. It wears ME down, anyway. So please, if you take anything away from this piece that's half-tutorial/half-essay now, be inspired to appreciate this deep well of creativity inside us all. In whatever form it exists for you. Take the time to create something and revel in its creation. In your own skill and uniqueness. Don't lose that connection, because in today's distracted world, it's more important than ever to spend time with yourself.

And then, just maybe you want to throw your bottle a party. Because it deserves it. And so do you.

These bottles are so perfect for a special occasion: a graduation, a promotion, a holiday or birthday. Anything that needs commemorating needs sparkles in my opinion. And trust - when you hold this sucker in your hands, you FEEL the love and care put into it. 

Having said that, I'm totally making a shop that will sell (empty, for now) bottles in different (and custom) color combos. I understand that the act of creating doesn't necessarily mean GLITTER FOR EVERYONE!, so if you'd rather outsource that one creation, it's cool. Keep an eye out for Glitter The Earth's inventory to grow and change and expand as I spend more time focusing on something that brings me a whole bunch of contentment.

Shameless plug for a hobby aside, I hope that as we settle into the rhythm of 2014, we all stretch ourselves a bit more and find time to develop that inner calm that gives us the courage to experiment and play. Let's shed whatever anxieties or excuses hold us back from living the life we truly want to live. That battle can be won with persistence and kindness (to everyone and especially to ourselves), and I'll be right here with you, fighting side by side.

And I think a declaration like that calls for a toast, don't you? 

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