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Hi y'all, I'm Hollie! 

I was about eight years old the first time I held a camera, and even then, I wanted to convey something emotional and freeze a moment that I knew was fleeting. Pier pilings, birds in flight, people laughing; I was inspired by the spirituality of life. I loved how everything seemed connected, and more so, if I looked for the beautiful moments, they were always there. I love expression by camera lens and I love learning new things; pushing myself to improve every year. Behind the camera, I feel alive!

I have an undying devotion to water. As a nationally competitive swimmer, I spent eighteen years with my head under water, training and fine-tuning my flip turns and starts. It's funny how all of that athletic challenge taught me a lot about life too. I learned that winning an individual race is awesome, but a relay, competing together as a team, is even sweeter. I learned that there is no substitute for hard work, that I swim faster when someone cheers me on, and that being healthy and physically fit starts on the inside. Healthy living requires commitment without excuses, and isn't a destination or a goal. 

Figuring out what works for me to maintain and build my fitness goals has been a road paved with eating disorders, low self-esteem, and just plain frustration. Looking now at my 35 years young, I've found some balance in regular and time-manageable workouts, variety, the old-school food pyramid, and an 'eat this, not that' strategy. My mind isn't clouded anymore with calorie counting, scale numbers, or even dress sizes. I feel free in my own skin, and I'm going to remain mindful that well-being is a body-soul-spirit partnership. My physical wellness and passion now, is practicing yoga.

Speaking of passion...fashion! I've had my fair share of fashion mishaps, but I love taking the safest risk ever and dressing to mood; whether I'm mixing prints, wearing a fauxhawk, or my gold-beaded arm cuffs.  I think dressing and personal style is emotionally based, and like a volume control, is a great way to adjust your mood. I believe that authentic style doesn't have to require a big budget or a tiny butt...just a tiny will to explore and take safe risks. I hope to encourage others to find their authentic apparel and think creatively when they're standing barefoot in their closets, agonizing about what to wear.

Well, on that note! I have seven (and counting) tattoos; they are all either ocean or spiritually related. I never take my 17 bracelets off; they are super soft and each have a story [insert bracelet photo 7]. Oh, and I eat Nutella out of the container with a spoon. At Camp Makery, I hope to share some moments, tips, and tricks that remind us all to live with a youthful heart and eat chocolate by the spoonful!

"To lose balance for love is sometimes part of living a balanced life." ~Elizabeth Gilbert


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