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Hi Everyone,

Health has been a life long passion of mine. The different modalities towards healing and health have always fascinated me.  I see our overall health determined by four domains: our physical health; our emotional health; our mental health; and our spiritual health.  Each of the four domains influences every aspect of our comprehensive health and each one impacts the other.  For example, the state of our emotional or spiritual health can greatly impact how well we take care of our physical health.  Our mental health can determine how open and connected we feel to our spiritual lives.  Without our physical health, other areas of our lives are often adversely affected; painting a picture of the importance of the interconnectedness of each health domain.

Driven to understand the healing connection between our bodies, minds, emotions, and beyond, I spent twenty years studying every facet of nutrition and health; simultaneously collecting three degrees in Psychology.  For eight years, I worked as a clinician treating Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) children in the foster care, juvenile probation and mental health systems.  Through this experience, I learned the powerful impact that emotions have on our lives and health, and ultimately our ability to heal and thrive.  I believe everyone can change and everyone can grow.

Currently, through nutritional counseling, I am exploring the deep connection that exists between our overall well-being, our relationship with food, and our physical bodies.  As a long time foodie myself, I believe eating should always be a joyous event.  My love of food and eating drives me to share with others how they can savor healthy eating, without feeling deprived or a sense of lack; but instead feel elated and energized by the delicious and abundant food they are enjoying! Food is nourishing and what we choose to eat is the way we choose to nurture ourselves.

When I am not counseling, researching, writing, or teaching, I am in my kitchen creating healthy, delicious, recipes.  Or you can find me investigating new alternative health and wellness approaches, products, and services.  It is my hope that we can all grow through joy and health together!  


Tiffany Sauter
Nutrition Counselor, Health Educator, Food Writer, Director of Wellness and Education at Vitality Menlo Park